Travel day
  1. Got to sleep in a bit then got ready to go.
  2. Got the 12 noon bus to Angra dos Reis.
  3. Was feeling a little unsettled in the stomach region so didn't eat a lot.
  4. We got to Angra close to 3 pm.
    Nice views on the way there.
  5. Took a cab to the speedboat pier then walked over to the slow ferry pier.
    Walked past these boats.
  6. Took the 3:30 slow ferry cuz it was only R15 per person.
    Didn't get window seats.
  7. Arrived in Abraao close to 5 and checked in to our guesthouse.
    This one has breakfast hooray!
  8. Fell in love with the view walking along the beach!
  9. Got some requeijão Cheetos as a snack.
  10. Walked around and got our bearings.
    Watched the sunset!
  11. Static
  12. 😍
  13. Static
  14. Went back to our room and watched some men's springboard diving.
    I decided that Cao Yuan of China was the hottest. Also he won the gold.
  15. Went back down the beach for dinner. Had a mango juice.
  16. We shared this giant moqueca (fish stew) and ate a little more than half!
  17. Then we came back to the room and channel surfed.
    Surprising number of livestock auction channels.
  18. Tomorrow we are planning to hike to Lopes Mendes Beach!