1. Woke up and before eating breakfast got on here to post yesterday's list. Learned about @biz instead and spent the day thinking about her and this community.
  2. We decided to go for a hike up to the aqueduct. Found this giant rock.
    Jeff always climbs rocks.
  3. The world has so much beauty in it.
  4. And plenty of rocks to climb.
  5. We passed a swimming hole where people were jumping in.
    Met some folks from New York there.
  6. Made it to the aqueduct.
    Looks like ruins but is allegedly still in use?
  7. Started going up towards a waterfall.
  8. Saw a larger monkey.
    Did not manage to get a good picture.
  9. Decided to turn back and continue on the loop we were on.
    The going was getting tough and I wasn't up for a tough hike.
  10. Made it down to the beach area and these ruins.
    This was a farmhouse, then a quarantine area for Europeans during the cholera epidemic, and then a penal colony. It was creepy.
  11. But the creepy ruins didn't make the beach less beautiful.
  12. Static
  13. I ate some Brazil nuts.
    How appropriate!
  14. We went back to town and got crepes stuffed to the gills with cheese.
  15. Then we took a bit of a nap and watched some women's diving.
  16. Then walked around and peeked in the shops.
    I bought a shirt.
  17. Later we went to dinner at one of the beachside restaurants.
    I had a lime juice.
  18. Bad picture, but I had four cheese pasta which was super rich but tasty.
  19. We walked around some more then watched some track and field, including Usain Bolt's 200 meter win.
  20. Today we are traveling back to Rio and then eating at a churrascaria (Brazilian meat restaurant). Girding my stomach.