This trip is almost over 😭
  1. Got up, had breakfast, bought snacks and water, got on the ferry.
  2. Static
  3. Waved goodbye to Abraao and Ilha Grande.
  4. Sat by the window.
  5. Static
  6. Static
  7. No singing or preaching!
  8. Saw this ship with a water slide.
  9. Hauled our bags thirty minutes to the bus station.
  10. Sat and waited for the bus.
    Got an ice cream bar.
  11. Got on the bus and was feeling very congested.
    At least the coast views were nice.
  12. Got to the Rio bus station and grabbed a taxi.
  13. Held on for dear life because the taxi driver was the fastest driver we have experienced here yet.
  14. Made it to Alex and Kyra's place in one piece.
  15. Walked over to Copacabana because I wanted to check out the Olympics Megastore there for souvenirs.
  16. Bought souvenirs (expensive!)
  17. Stared at the moon, it was incredible. Huge and red.
  18. Ate at Palace Churrascaria and literally only took this one picture.
    Too busy stuffing my face with meat.
  19. Played spot-the-athlete there.
    Think I saw part of the US women's rowing eight.
  20. Fell asleep in true food coma fashion.
  21. Today is our last day! We have a night flight but haven't decided yet what to do today.