Rio Day 2

Beach and archery
  1. We slept in then walked over to the beach
  2. Walked along the sidewalk next to the beach
  3. Took some pics
  4. Soaked in the beauty
  5. Climbed around on the rocks
  6. Saw a dog walking itself and eating a coconut
  7. Strolled over to Copacabana
  8. Saw this incredible sand sculpture
  9. Ate a pretty good sandwich
  10. Went to the Sambodromo for archery
    First there was a samba performance
  11. Watched a Brazilian archer get through to the top eight
  12. Cheered along with this school group
    We were at least on local tv
  13. Walked through the Lapa Arches and up the Escadaria Selaron
  14. Had a fantastic dinner including this steak with garlic bread topping, Brie, and potato chips
  15. Now we are figuring out how we'll get to the Olympic park tomorrow and then going to bed.