Rio Day 3

Table tennis!
  1. We got up early and headed out to the table tennis venue
    Riocentro, near but not in Centro Olimpico
  2. The sidewalks aren't makeshift at all
  3. We bought pao de queijo (cheese bread) for breakfast
    No regrets
  4. Got our seats but moved around later cuz they were awful
    It wasn't very crowded
  5. We watched the women's quarterfinals. It was intense.
    This was a super close match. Kim Song I of North Korea (far side) won
  6. Ding Ning of China (closest, in pink) is my pick for taking the gold this year.
  7. Outside the venue
  8. We headed back homeward to check out the German hospitality house in Leblon
    It was closed
  9. We saw the Danish house
    Somewhat reminiscent of the embassy open house
  10. We got a snack at a veggie burger place.
  11. We walked onto and then along the beach
  12. We went to a Colombian restaurant after a break to chill and watched the women's soccer (Colombia v US)
    That last second goal by Colombia! Wow.
  13. Then we watched Katie Ledecky win her second gold
  14. Then we crashed
  15. Today is dressage