1. We got up early to head over to the Olympic Equestrian Center
    Took about an hour and a half. Stopped at a grocery store for snacks.
  2. Got there right after the first session started.
    Also the venue was across from a military base. You could hear shots from their ranges from in the stands. Lots of military police all around the city.
  3. Watched some gorgeous horses perform amazing dressage routines.
  4. I just really enjoyed it a lot.
    It was also fun to explain the movements and stuff to Jeff.
  5. We actually met some other Americans this time! Haven't seen many at the other events (of course this was the first we went to that actually had any Americans competing).
  6. We ate hot dogs.
  7. We started to get cold and it started raining so we skipped the last session.
    I should have worn long pants!
  8. We came back and I took a nap.
  9. Went to another grocery store and got fruits and stuff.
  10. Ate dinner with our hosts, it had been cooked by their cleaning lady (who also washed our clothes 😍)
  11. Their friend came over and we all hung out and chatted.
  12. It was a good day, not great weather but kind of chill and nice.
  13. Tomorrow we have a 6 hour food tour!!!