Travel day
  1. Got up around 8
  2. Went to a nearby market with our friend
    Got some fruit!
  3. Drank sugarcane juice with lime again (stall on the left)
  4. Ate a tapioca with dried beef and cheese and one with just cheese (we shared, they are filling)
  5. Tried jabuticaba
    Not my picture but this is what they look like growing on the tree. Super weird right? Also they are delicious.
  6. Packed
    It's so nice to be able to leave some stuff at our friend's place.
  7. Took an uber to the airport
  8. Got a hot dog at the airport
    Whoops I ate it before I took a pic. It had mustard, ketchup, AND mayo.
  9. Also ate some mini pão de queijo
  10. Found our gate eventually
    They kept changing it around
  11. Sat waiting for the plane to take off for a little while.
  12. Finally got to Foz at 8.
  13. Picked up our bags and got some cash.
  14. Got a cab to our guest house.
  15. Bought water at a gas station.
  16. Got dinner at a mall food court.
    I mean, "feed square" 😂
  17. Pretty decent picanha sandwich
  18. Walked back to our guest house and ate this mango
    In love with Palmer mangoes.
  19. Enjoying good wifi
    Our friend's left a lot to be desired.
  20. But we don't have a private bathroom...
    But we also haven't seen other people around so much...
  21. Tomorrow we'll go to the falls.
    Who knows, maybe we will pony up for a helicopter ride?!?!