The falls from the Brazilian side!
  1. We got up and found out there was no included breakfast.
  2. We walked to the bus station after eating some jabuticaba.
    We got a ham and cheese pastry thing there.
  3. We took the bus to Iguazu National Park.
    Only R3.20 (about $1).
  4. We stood in line, got a ticket, and took the park bus to the trail head.
  5. First view of the falls.
  6. Static
  7. Static
  8. There were rainbows!
  9. Static
  10. There were coati which are cute but they were bold... Beware open food!
  11. We ate at the only non-buffet option.
    I got a burger and fries. It was fine.
  12. Then we went to the Bird Park.
    It's really close to the entrance to the park (you can walk there). It's cool!
  13. Macaws!
  14. We took the bus back downtown and walked back to our hotel.
  15. I've been coming down with a cold and I really started feeling it.
  16. Then someone from the guesthouse asked what time we would be back tomorrow because they're all going to be gone in the afternoon/evening.
    We can't get in without getting buzzed in. We didn't know when we'd be back because we're not on a tour or anything. I didn't like this feeling of depending on them and then maybe having to change our schedule tomorrow based on when someone will be here to let us in...
  17. We went to La Mafia for dinner and it was good.
    Places around here will give you a ride back to your hotel for free.
  18. The initial plan was for tomorrow to go the Argentinean side of the Falls.
    But for various reasons I'm a little unsure now.
  19. So hopefully I'll feel better in the morning.
    Also we only get one Olympics channel here and it's basically only soccer which I am not into...