1. We got up early and got a taxi to the airport.
    It was raining.
  2. There were no lines and we were at the gate (gate one of three) ridiculously early.
  3. We watched women's marathon swimming.
    Is there any event less exciting to watch? I mean it sounds cool in theory (and the women are amazing who do this) but in practice you can't tell from their camera angles who is ahead and they didn't post any leaders for the first hour and a half? So it is literally just watching an indistinguishable group of women swimming surrounded by boats for two hours? Maybe it helps if you can hear commentary?
  4. There was a "no catching Pokemon on the tarmac" sign.
  5. It was pouring rain but had slacked a bit by the time we boarded.
  6. There was quite a bit of turbulence and I was pretty anxious.
  7. Finally we got to Rio where it was 90 degrees.
    Stripped off my jacket in a hurry.
  8. My stomach was unsettled from the plane but I was also hungry and in moments like these I turn to familiar foods (fries are my jam).
    I'm not anti-McDonald's while traveling (obviously), eat whatever you want.
  9. We also got bus tickets for tomorrow and walked around the neighborhood. There is still Blockbuster here.
  10. We went out to the Olympic Boulevard and ate from the food trucks.
  11. Pretty good burger!
  12. We walked around - here's the Museum of Tomorrow.
  13. Static
  14. Static
  15. We had to take a long way around to get to the cauldron. We got this waffle to sustain us.
  16. Here's the cauldron on the right. It moves and it's quite cool.
  17. Here's us and the Cauldron.
  18. Jeff looks sketch here because there was a Charlie Chaplin impersonator behind our friend.
  19. Then we went back to our friend's place and discovered most of our fruit was no good.
    But we found an atemoya to eat.
  20. Tomorrow we are off to Ilha Grande.
    Pronounced like ILL-ya GRUN-gee.