Some are more painful than others.
  1. Doctor Who 😟😩😥
    Ok this one is really hard! Doctor Who is seriously like my favorite show. But last season (Capaldi's first) was SO BAD. I just could not. I quit after "Kill the Moon". People have told me season 9 is better. But I'm scared! I've been burned before! Thoughts welcome.
  2. Once Upon a Time
    I only put in 3 episodes. Didn't catch my interest.
  3. Revenge 😕☹️
    Halfway through season 3. It got TOO ridiculous. Plus I stopped liking the main character or wanting good things for her.
  4. House of Cards
    Halfway through season 3 (is this a pattern?). Wasn't into it.
  5. The L Word
    After 5 episodes. Couldn't stand Jenny.
  6. The Big Bang Theory
    I tried, okay? Not funny to me.
  7. Switched at Birth
    I was digging it for about 11 episodes. But it was too dramatic even for me.
  8. Misfits
    After season three... Don't want to spoil it.
  9. Entourage
    Three episodes. Hated it.
  10. Fringe
    Partway through season 3 again! Hmmm.
  11. Dexter
    After season 4. Too devastated.
  12. Mad Men
    Is season three just some kind of curse, or will I just watch anything for two and a half seasons?
  13. Orange is the New Black
    I guess not, because I only did two episodes of season TWO.
  14. The Wire
    I KNOW but no. Not my thing. I tried!
  15. New Girl
    Season 3 - I liked it when it was more jokes than plot.
  16. Pretty Little Liars
    Again with the third season (watched 5 episodes). Hey but I read you find out who A is eventually, maybe. Seriously one mystery is not enough for 6 seasons I thought?