1. Xanga, 2004?
    This was the second place I kept a little blog. The first was some defunct thing like Modblog or something idk
  2. Livejournal, 2004
    This still exists and I was posting sporadically on it as recently as 2013. Here it is in all its embarrassing glory: http://happycampr88.livejournal.com/
  3. MySpace, 2004? Maybe earlier?
    Not sure. I did sort of meet my ex-fiance on there. I say sort of because I knew who he was (he worked at the local video store and everyone knew him) but we started chatting on MySpace.
  4. Facebook, Dec. 2005
    It was still college student only 😎
  5. Goodreads, Aug. 2008
    Just a year and a half after it started. Still going strong with my over 2000 item TBR list 😱
  6. Foodspotting, 2009
    Sort of fun but I don't use it anymore.
  7. Yelp, Aug. 2009
    I use this heavily to find places yet don't review things on here anymore I am the worst
  8. Tumblr, 2009
  9. Pinterest, ???
    I still use it as recipe storage but don't actively pin much anymore
  10. Gogobot, 2011
    I basically joined right when this started. I guess you can say I'm an OG on Gogobot 😎. I just heard they are giving special swag to people who have been Pro for all the years they've done Pro. I do love their swag. They are now called Trip.com
  11. Instagram, 2011
  12. Foursquare, 2011
    Still use the Swarm app. It's how I remember all the places I've tried.
  13. Vine, idk
    I was there for a hot minute
  14. Reddit, idk
    I still use occasionally
  15. Snapchat, 2015
    I kinda like it. Except note idk what to do since Instagram and even Facebook have the same functionality basically. But it does have the best filters.
  16. The List App, Oct. 2015
    Right after it went public. Shoutout to @bookishclaire for writing about it on @bookriot !