1. My license plate says MAC&CHZ
  2. I have 5 tattoos.
    A butterfly, a dragon, a pegasus, a chimera, and a family tattoo. List to come!
  3. I can simultaneously juggle and hula hoop.
  4. My passport has extra pages.
    It's really thick and I always hope border patrol peeps will be impressed but instead they are annoyed mostly because they have to search forever to find an empty spot 😂
  5. I wrote a novel and self-published it.
    It's called "Wrestling with Love."
  6. I read approximately 100 books per year.
  7. I just started collecting old cameras.
  8. I'm a "newlywed" but we've been together for 9 years.
  9. I tried out for Jeopardy twice (once in middle school) and have also been to a taping.
    I'm taking the online test again this month.
  10. I have done a lot of extreme sports /activities but they mostly still scare me.