I may work with lawyers but thankfully they often don't take themselves very seriously. There were lots more but I didn't take pictures of them.
  1. Inflatable antler toss.
    After talking to Juanita today I understand the expression - she actually also bought one of these and ended up having to keep this one 😁
  2. Giant statue of Rafiki and Simba.
    After the party somebody found this recently sold on eBay for $360?!?!?! 🤑
  3. Hillary Clinton nutcracker.
    Sorry this is blurry.
  4. North Korea ski team poster.
    Stolen from me by the LAST person after I stole it. 😭
  5. Toilet fishing game.
    My office mate Keri got this in the end.
  6. Star Wars Yoda Santa hat and Mensch on a Bench.
  7. T-Rex comb.
    I went home with this which is not bad really.
  8. Not pictured: box of anchovies.
    I liked this one. Bob said he was going to put it in his 7 year old's stocking for Christmas...
  9. I hope you liked this because I have another BETTER gag gift exchange to go to on Saturday.