Some of these might not be possible for you but they are ways to spend less on travel. It is not always easy, or always fun, to really stick to a strict travel budget. YMMV, and all that.
  1. Travel more slowly.
    The most expensive part of traveling is the actual getting from place to place: planes, car rental, trains, buses etc are going to be the bulk of your expenses. Therefore if you do less moving from place to place, you spend less.
  2. Consider accommodation alternatives.
    Some ideas include: Airbnb (usually cheaper than a hotel), hostels (dorm rooms especially are cheaper, but lack privacy), and Couchsurfing (free but requires a lot of trust and caution).
  3. Walk (a lot).
    Consider walking instead of taking the metro or a bus within a city. Of course most people will have limits to what they can physically do, and walking far with luggage is a recipe for misery. Walking around is also a fun and free activity for your days!
  4. Look for free activities.
    Examples: walking as above, hiking, free days at museums, free walking tours (note that a tip is usually expected).
  5. Do a lot of research.
    There are lots of resources online to help you save money. Places like Lonely Planet's Thorntree Forum ( and various travel blogs are good places to start. Also just googling "free activities CITY NAME" can help.
  6. Work or volunteer abroad.
    Try WWOOFing or Helpx (I have been WWOOFing) to work in exchange for room and board. It is also possible to teach English abroad in countries like Thailand and South Korea (happy to talk about my experience in Korea).
  7. Don't go out for every meal.
    It's much more affordable to go grocery shopping and cook in, almost everywhere. This is not always possible depending on your accommodation situation, but when possible it is also fun to see what interesting things are available at grocery stores and food markets.