Street View Tour of my Time Studying Abroad in New Zealand

This is inspired by @jessicaz 's street view vacation list. This is such a nostalgia injection and I love it. It's not in any real order.
  1. 363 Leith
    I lived here, it was gross but home. I lost weight shivering overnight. Because I didn't want to pay to run my space heater and there's no central heating.
  2. 48 Grange
    My friends lived here, I was here frequently
  3. The Two Four
    I dunno what the actual name is (everyone called it the 2-4) but they had good potato wedges with sour cream and chili sauce and also they were open 24 hours and ALSO another friend lived just behind it in the international student flats which had HEATING and I was so jealous
  4. Clubs and socs building
    I took a Maori language and a Polynesian dance class here. Also every Tuesday there was cheap vegan food made by the local Hare Krishnas
  5. Otago Library
    I spent so much time in here. Mostly because they had decent internet and heating and electricity which like my flat did not have (OK we USUALLY had electricity)
  6. New World grocery store
    It's kind of back behind there. I shopped here.
  7. The Monkey Bar
    It is now closed. It was a club in an old church. It was our spot to party. Lots of great memories here.
  8. Velvet Burger
    I was fully addicted to their skinny fries. It was my pre-Monkey Bar treat.
  9. The Bowler
    Couldn't find street view. Also closed. We did karaoke here at the beginning.
  10. Stock X Change
    Later in the semester this was our karaoke spot. Seems to be gone.
  11. Coupland's
    I was in love with their chocolate chip cookies.
  12. The Octagon
    "Downtown" Dunners, walked through plenty
  13. The Botans
    The Botanic Gardens were close to my house and my fav place to go for a walk, even though I was mostly there in the winter.
  14. Campus near my place
  15. The clock tower
    I lived close enough to hear it sound out the time. I loved it.
  16. The more modern side of campus. Took a class in here.
  17. Tui shop
    They always had a cheeky sign
  18. On Grange... My favorite mural!
  19. Otago Museum
    A nice museum! But I never did the live butterflies.
  20. The Post Office
    We bought prepaid electricity credits here. Sometime we ran out before someone remembered to top up 💀
  21. View from near Mt. Cargill
    We hiked it once. This is to prove Dunedin is not all ugly and dirty lol. No but seriously it is lovely and even though the uni flats were trash I grew to love it anyway.
  22. Sandfly Bay
    Out on the peninsula. I went twice and did not even get mauled by a sea lion.
  23. St. Clair Beach
    I walked there from my flat, close to 5 miles. Then walked back to the Octagon and got some wicked blisters also it was raining but at least I went with my friend Gavin and then I watched the movie Teeth in a film festival afterwards. Good times.
  24. Forth Street
    Other friends lived here on this ungodly hill so needless to say I didn't go to their place much.
  25. Baldwin St
    The world's steepest street. We walked by on our way to Mt Cargill. Yes we walked to the hike and then hiked it because we were broke idiots. Also my deal at the time was like "I have LEGS so I might as well use them" also I was stubborn af
  26. Hell Pizza
  27. Circadian Rhythm
    Literally made one of my best study abroad buddies because I remembered this place from my walks on my first day in town and when I found out she was vegan I suggested we go eat here. And it was good.
  28. Op shops!
    I still own clothing that I bought at op shops (aka thrift stores). This one was not my most fav but was good.
  29. Railway Building
    They claim it's the most photographed building in the world or the southern hemisphere or something. I'm skeptical but it had a dope farmer's market where I got my ground venison.
  30. Speights Brewery
    Took a tour here.
  31. Cadbury World
    Also took a tour here.
  32. The bank
    I still have my ATM card with a horse on it