Inspired by @BWN_7 street names are interesting, I added some weighting to the place that I lived but mostly this is ranked on name alone.
  1. Ukrop Way
    Named after a chain of grocery stores which has since changed its name. This was where my dorm was located as a sophomore and junior at W&M. Kind of a yuck name, even though I had mostly good experiences living in the language houses.
  2. 11th Street NW
    We had a shitty basement apartment but it was near the metro and pretty cheap for DC. People got arrested nearby at least weekly and besides the name is boring.
  3. Jefferson Davis Highway
    I love my current apartment or else this would be further down, because who wants their address to be 1) so damn long and 2) named after the president of the Confederacy?
  4. Yates Drive
    My freshman dorm was on Yates Drive (and called Yates). Great times there but name is only ok.
  5. Rollins Drive
    The first house I lived in. The haunted one LET ME TELL YOU A GHOST STORY 👻
  6. Brockton Court
    My grandmother used to live here and I lived with her over two summers and one semester.
  7. Richmond Road
    Alliteration is nice! My senior semester dorm was here but I effectively moved out and into my Grammy's house because I hated my roommate.
  8. Market Street
    The second place I lived. Very much "in town" which meant to my parents there was "too much traffic." At the time I lived there it did not have a farmer's market. But it does now!
  9. Sunnyside Drive
    Where my parents live now and where I lived for about 8 years. The road itself is in major disrepair because it's a private road and the neighborhood can't agree to have it repaved. But anyway it's a great house.
  10. Fairmont Street NW
    Our third floor room with loft experienced severe temperature extremes. But the name of the street is cool. Even though I got catcalled on a very regular basis living there.
  11. Yongo-ro
    Fun fact: the street name was NOT in my mailing address. But according to google maps this was the name of my street in Incheon. I lived in a brand new building a literal two minute walk from work. And it sounds cool. Winning all around. The only downside was that out my window was a raised highway. You couldn't hear it much (surprisingly) but it was ugly.
  12. Amberley Lane
    I lived with my in-laws for six months while job hunting after our travels. Cool street name (close to @nervesofscared 's name) and a nice quiet street.
  13. Leith Street Central
    My flat in Dunedin was terrible and so were most of my flatmates but the location was choice, and the name was neat. It was on this weird stretch of Leith street between North and South, and basically on the Otago campus.
  14. Chang Klan Road
    Chang Klan Road is a long street that goes all the way up to the night market in Chiang Mai, but we lived several kilometers south of there. When we gave our address songthaew drivers often refused to take us because it was too far. I love the name! And our condo was pretty dope.