Inspired by @shanaz - I changed purses for a job interview yesterday so this is missing the literal trash I usually carry around.
  1. iPhone 5
    I'm thinking I might need to replace it soonish... Thanks, planned obsolescence.
  2. Wallet
    I think I bought this in early high school or even middle school. Still looks ok.
  3. Prescription sunglasses
  4. Tissue pack
    100% essential, picked up the habit in Asia where no public toilet ever has paper...
  5. Ibuprofen
    I just refill this old crusty bottle from my Costco supply... Maybe I should rinse it out?
  6. Pad, glasses cleaner, phenylephrine, business cards
    Always be prepared.
  7. Keys
  8. Inhaler and purple pen
    It writes purple! Yay.
  9. Comb, power bank
  10. Chapstick, lipstick, concealer, Xanax
    Don't usually carry lipstick. Also I've been carrying around the two Xanax in that case for like ever and I just opened it and got Xanax powder in my face and I hope I don't die now.
  11. Usually I also have a granola bar but I forgot to restock. Also usually a bunch or receipts and wadded up tissues.
  12. Also here is the purse I'm carrying today
    I like it except wish it had a strap not a chain, it's kind of uncomfortable, and so it only comes out on the rare days I actually care that I have a black purse to match a black outfit.