Inspired by @Veronique and lots of others
  1. My parents chose Rachel mostly just because they liked it.
    "And also it's from the Bible I guess"
  2. The first runner up name was Beth
    Which I really like
  3. I do like my name.
  4. The only thing about it was it ended up being quite popular that year.
    Although not as much as Jessica for instance.
  5. In my graduating class of 28, three of us were named Rachel.
  6. I'm rarely the only Rachel in a given group.
  7. When I was growing up many (especially older) adults would misspell my name as Rachael.
    People don't really do that much anymore.
  8. Nothing rhymes with my name which was nice as a kid.
  9. Though other kids found out they could annoy me by calling me Rachelle.
    At my last job I got accidentally called Rachelle fairly often since I had a co-worker with that name who'd been there longer.
  10. When I taught in Korea my students had a lot of trouble pronouncing my name.
    Usually they'd say "Lay-chool" but very rarely "Ray-chur" - L & R are the same in Korean. Though interestingly, the sounds are distinct - it's sometimes pronounced as R and sometimes as L.
  11. I had an Israeli friend in college who taught me how to pronounce the original Hebrew name.
    Though I couldn't do it very well
  12. Many places in the world have a version of my name (mostly places with Judeo-Christian traditions).
    Sometimes they pronounce it totally differently like in Brazil where it sounds like "ha-KAYel"
  13. I also love my middle name, which is Jean, because it's my grandmother's name.