The Firefly Themed Wedding I Officiated

This morning my husband and I officiated a Firefly themed wedding for friends. Here are a few pictures!
  1. Setting up the breakfast tables
  2. They had dinosaur toys. The groomspeople wrote Hawaiian shirts with a similar pattern to the table runners. And hand knitted Jayne hats.
  3. I dressed as Kaylee.
  4. My husband did Shepherd Book.
  5. Here's the bride.
  6. And the groom.
  7. All the bridesmaids had boots and the painted parasols.
  8. Here's us with bride and groom after the ceremony.
    It went well and their vows were lovely!
  9. That's wedding #3 for us!
  10. It's hard to get a ton of pictures when you're doing the ceremony. It was lovely though!
    The reception is later tonight, I'll get some pics there.
  11. And now, reception pics! It was at the Chabot Science Center
  12. It was in exhibit space.
  13. Tables were named after characters
    We were at Zoe
  14. Details were 💯
  15. You could play in the exhibits
  16. I got sunburned this morning 😬
  17. The guestbook was a Firefly coloring book. We found a page with Book and Kaylee!
    So perfect.
  18. It was a really lovely reception. There was a live band. You could go look at the huge telescopes (we did!).
  19. All the food was vegetarian and delicious. Cake was great.
  20. Totally awesome wedding!