I kind of love that "on this day" feature on Facebook; I'm a sucker for nostalgia.
  1. 11/23/13 - "I will share with you my latest, greatest sandwich idea: the Picklemento."
    "Take some good pimento cheese (Cheesetique's is awesome round these parts) and some good dill pickles (I prefer Claussen). Spread pimento on one slice of your bread (whatever bread you like, I used a hearty wheat) and put that and one naked piece in the toaster oven on medium. Slice up your pickle. Add it to the melty toasty pimento, slap on your other toasty bread piece, and voila! Picklemento."
  2. 11/23/11 - "오늘 진짜 추워요!"
    Translates to: today it's really cold! I was learning Korean in Korea at the time. Incheon was freaking freezing.
  3. 11/23/06 - "delightfully full"
  4. 11/29/12 - "My passport is 5 years old now! And it is now necessary to have more pages added."
  5. 12/7/07 - "is ask me about my COLORING BOOK"
  6. 12/14/06 (written on my wall by Jeff) - "Hey, want to go stab some money tomorrow?"
  7. 12/15/11 - "Today I played soccer with my students. I accidentally kicked a ball right into one kid's face."
  8. 1/29/13 - "My passport, now enormous! Got 48 pages added today."
  9. 2/7/13 - "Is three orders of pork dumplings too many?"