The last 5 things I watched

Inspired by @What2List
  1. No Tomorrow
    Decent way through Season 1. Liking it! Very cute.
  2. Santa Clarita Diet
    Episode 1. We tried it. Into the humor but definitely too gory for my husband... And maybe even for me.
  3. Moana
    Went to see it at the local second run theater. I LOVED it! I've already been singing How Far I'll Go before even seeing it but now I may never stop.
  4. The Magicians
    Episode 1, to give it a try. I actually liked it. I was reluctant because I actually hated the first book (and read no more) but since you don't get Quentin's internal monologue this might be alright. Also the finger movements are indeed cool, thanks to my belly dancing instructor who told us to watch for inspiration.
  5. The OA
    Season 1. Yes. Liked it!