I moved this weekend! I've been walking around playing Pokémon Go a lot and here's what I can walk to.
  1. Zapatat - tattoo removal place
    In case I suddenly regret one of my tattoos
  2. Arlington Central Library
    They loan out gardening tools, people - you can even check out a 6 foot ladder and a saw, among other things
  3. A defunct Staples
    Currently appears to have a functioning UPS store in part of it
  4. The restaurant where we got engaged
    Water & Wall
  5. My doctor's office
    Also, an urgent care place
  6. A different mall than the one we could walk to from the old place
    It's a much worse mall but about to be renovated
  7. At least 3 7-11s
  8. Lots of little deli-convenience store combos
  9. A movie theatre with recliner seats
    Wait - actually two movie theatres with recliners 😎
  10. Park Lane Tavern
    My parents really like it and I went to one that was good
  11. An excellent pupuseria
    Went there last night
  12. A pawn shop
    Next to the pupuseria
  13. Some tennis courts
    Next to the library
  14. A mattress store
    In case the one we just ordered doesn't work out
  15. Giant, Trader Joe's, Harris Teeter, Whole Foods
  16. The Container Store
    My friend works there
  17. A nice hospital
    Like a 40 minute walk
  18. Georgetown
    In like an hour
  19. My favorite pizza place
  20. The newest location of an excellent cheese shop
  21. The metro
    Like 4 stations are within 30 minutes
  22. GMU Law School
    In case I lose my mind and decide to get a law degree
  23. Tons more restaurants and stuff
  24. Basically it's great!