1. Virginia is an open carry state.
    Technically learned before trivia. I met my next door neighbor, who seems very nice, and he had a gun in a hip holster. I don't know why I did not know this because my parents have guns. They do not open carry so I guess that's why I wasn't aware.
  2. Which two Republicans were the only US presidents who served a full 8 years as Vice President?
    Nixon and George H.W. Bush. We got Bush but not Nixon.
  3. What country did the US invade during Operation Urgent Fury?
    Grenada. Apparently this occurred over about 2 months in 1983?
  4. What was Magnum P.I.'s first name?
  5. What common condition is also known as deuteranopia?
    Colorblindness. (Editor's note: deuteranopia is one of many types of colorblindness. It is one of the green-yellow-red types).
  6. In what sport's vocabulary can you find the word "roval"?
    Bike racing. It's a type of race course. I don't like this question because it doesn't provide enough context. Add in a vague idea of the meaning and you have a much better question.
  7. What are the holes in Swiss cheese called?
    Eyes. Also, fun fact: Swiss cheese without holes is said to be "blind!"
  8. In which sport is the telemark position used?
    Skiing. I accidentally went to the Wikipedia page on the county in Norway after which this technique was named!
  9. What type of dinner jacket was named for the New York country club where it was popularized?
    Tuxedo. Now this one is a pretty good question, because we could have guessed if we could have thought of literally any type of dinner jacket.
  10. How many streets are there in the game Monopoly?
    None, they are all avenues or whatever. Ugh. Only true for the classic US board. Plus, I could argue that an avenue is a type of street.
  11. Which painter had works such as the Red Room, Green Stripe, and Blue Nude?
    Matisse, who apparently was pretty literal in his painting-naming.
  12. What type of fruit juice is used in a Lasky cocktail?
    Grape juice. Also has: gin and Swedish Punsch. Has anyone ever even had this?
  13. What is the first name of the Dewey who created the eponymous decimal system?
    Melvil. We were called out for writing "Francis 'Whatever' Dewey" lol.
  14. Which 2 celebrities are the only men to be named People's "Sexiest Man Alive" who are now dead?
    JFK Jr. and Patrick Swayze.