I have a team that regularly does District Trivia. We didn't do so well this week but at least I learned some things.
  1. The Cantabrian Mountains are in Spain.
    Particularly crushing since I was JUST in Spain.
  2. Ping pong was originally called gossima.
    Or at least, someone sold it as such in 1891. This appears to be one of those "trivia facts" that is maybe not totally true.
  3. The word punch comes from the Sanskrit word for "five."
    It was originally made with five ingredients: alcohol, sugar, lemon, water, and tea.
  4. Marvin the Martian's dog was called K-9.
  5. Lots of other stuff that I didn't learn because I don't remember!
    I know that if they come up again, we'll be like"hey we had this question before - but what was the answer?"