Inspired by @kellydehoop and per her request for more.
  1. I am great at self-motivation.
    I am capable of getting stuff done! But don't get me wrong, I'm also great at procrastination.
  2. I have an active imagination.
    It's fun and fuels my creativity.
  3. I am passionate.
    It can flare out quickly and be unfocused, but I get pretty passionate about things.
  4. I am easily delighted.
    I generally skew towards happy. It doesn't take much to please me.
  5. I am a quick learner.
    And I love to learn.
  6. I read quickly.
    I can't speed read, but I like that I can finish a book fairly quickly. I get to consume more books this way!
  7. I get really into stuff quickly.
    Examples: a ton of tv shows, building a model car, the List App.
  8. I am a good listener.
    Sometimes it takes work but I can usually do it. People tend to trust me with sensitive matters, too.
  9. I excel at things like math and language.
    There are too many languages I want to learn.
  10. I am expressive in love and with my feelings in general.
    Once I feel comfortable with someone, I can share.
  11. I have great self-esteem.
    Thanks, mom! Also I don't know how to play the "here's-what-we-hate-about-ourselves" game so I just pretend to be quiet/shy. Unless it's people I know well and then I just tell people they look good how they are.