"Wait, let me Wikipedia that."
  1. Pro se litigation
    New attorney was a pro se law clerk so I was curious. It's weird to work in a law firm while knowing only what I've seen on tv about lawyers.
  2. Click and Clack's As the Wrench Turns
    Jeff and I were talking about cartoons and he brought up the Car Talk cartoon and I was like no way, really? And then we had to see who were the NPR special guests.
  3. Orient Express
    My friend Greg and Jeff both asserted that the Orient Express went through Russia (we were talking about the novel) and I was like no, it so did not. I was vindicated thank you very much.
  4. List of people with the surname Johnson
    Our puzzle night had a thing with famous Johnsons.
  5. The Bachelorette
    To help Jeff with his Halloween costume.
  6. A Deadly Adoption
    Because I found it on tv in San Sebastián, dubbed into Spanish, and had to know the plot immediately.
  7. Deer
    No idea why.
  8. Bald eagle
    To prove to someone that they're no longer endangered.