1. July 15 - picking up the keys to our new apartment
  2. July 16 - moving
  3. July 23 - seeing Phantom of the Opera at the Kennedy Center
  4. August 6 - flying to Rio for the Olympics
    A coworker today asked me "ready for Rio?" And I was like I'm not even thinking about it because I'm moving this weekend lol
  5. September 2 - going to New York for a wedding
  6. October or November, TBD - want to do a long weekend for our 1/10 anniversary
    1 year married, 10 years together
  7. It's going to be a busy second half of the year!
  8. I've been on li.st less because I'm busy packing and playing Pokémon Go
  9. I'll try to list some about moving tips and my travels and whatnot