1. I have been achy and not feeling amazing for a couple days.
  2. Friday I felt pretty bad. In the afternoon I started to feel like I was freezing. I should have gone home.
    But I only had another hour to stay and anyway I usually catastrophize my symptoms and have been known to imagine myself feeling feverish.
  3. But this time I actually had a low fever. Unfortunately I have a lot going on this weekend. Or had.
  4. Missed out on this face.
  5. Missed out on Indian delivery dinner.
  6. Missed out on lunch with my mother in law.
    Yes, we do like each other.
  7. Missed out on playing board games and eating chocolate brought over from Belgium.
  8. I'm still hoping to be able to go to Cabaret tomorrow...
    We shall see.
  9. But on the other hand I have an excuse not to do chores and to watch TV all day.
  10. I think I wrote this list just to post that pic of Lola that my friend shared today 😂
  11. Made it to Cabaret, yay!
    But I didn't actually like it 🤔