My husband and I have started planning secret dates for each other. It's been super fun. We've had two so far and here's what we did.
  1. Ate pies at the place we got pies for our wedding.
  2. Walked around Georgetown.
  3. Saw the band Luray at Millennium Stage.
    We hadn't heard of them but they were great.
  4. Ate a tasty dinner at ENO wine bar.
    Ironically we don't drink at all.
  5. Ate a tasty dinner at Doi Moi.
    Very tasty and authentic tasting khao soi (based on the stuff we ate in Chiang Mai).
  6. Walked around Logan Circle.
  7. Saw a Weird Al themed burlesque show.
    Seriously amazing, check out the Evil League of Ecdysiasts they often perform at the Black Cat and will have a Joss Whedon themed show in June.
  8. If you like planning surprises and being surprised I highly recommend the mystery date concept.
    This could be a friend outing sort of thing to, it is in no way limited to people in relationships.
  9. Jeff has planned the next one and I can't wait!
  10. Saw the DC Air Sex Championships
    As weird and cool as it sounds.
  11. Ate at an Indian place on H Street.
  12. A whole mystery weekend to Charlottesville
  13. Went to the Air and Space Museum's Udvar-Hazy Center, ate at an Indian place, watched Beauty and the Beast