Holy fucking shit. I thought of making the title "holy fucking shit" but, idk, I respect ppl who don't like cursing but now there will be cursing
  1. I went outside and stood at the crosswalk to get to the metro station.
  2. To set the scene, it's pouring down rain out and I am there huddling in my coat and umbrella.
  3. I see that the light is about to change and I notice there are two cop cars angling themselves so they block both lanes.
    🤔 I think
  4. As the light changes and the crosswalk light comes on the cops turn their siren flashers on.
  5. I notice a guy in a car in front of the light has stopped.
  6. The dude waiting for the crosswalk in front of me is crossing the street, oblivious. I freeze.
  7. One of the cops gets out of his car yelling "sir, get out of the way."
  8. Guy crossing the street still oblivious.
  9. Cop PULLS OUT HIS GUN and levels it at the guy who pulled over.
  10. Guy crossing the street: is mostly out of the way by now but basically just HAD A GUN POINTED AT HIM AND DIDN'T NOTICE
  11. I turn around and cross the block, going to a different metro entrance.
  12. I peek down the street again to be sure I'm not still in the line of fire?!
  13. I notice a third cop car, going the wrong way on Clarendon Blvd, blocking the pulled over guy's way.
  14. I mean WHAT
  16. I haven't seen cops pull guns on what appear to be traffic stops before?
  17. I'll be looking in the news but suspect I may never know.
  18. Did not hear shots fired.
  19. Nothing was going on when I came back 45 mins later.