Inspired by @jaidub
  1. Physical book or ebook?
    Physical book, unless I'm on a long trip.
  2. Audio book or book in hand?
    Definitely book in hand but I love audio books for long drives. I also love my husband and I reading a book to each other - like a home grown audio book.
  3. Paperback or hardcover?
    I like hardcover but I'll take whatever the library has (usually hardcover). If buying (rare), it depends how new the book is - always paperback if available.
  4. Adult or Young Adult?
    Both! Firm believer in read-what-you-like, regardless of target market.
  5. Series or standalone?
    Both! Although I won't necessarily finish a series... But I'm down for whatever.
  6. Dog ears or bookmarks?
    Bookmarks but rarely are they actual bookmarks - usually random receipts or bits of paper.
  7. Bookstore or online?
    Library! But I like to browse bookstores.
  8. Fiction or nonfiction?
    Clear preference for fiction but I read both (mostly memoir for nonfiction).
  9. Monster read or short and sweet?
    Any and all sizes of book encouraged.
  10. Starry eyed romance or action-packed?
    I read both but I like a good dash of romance no matter what.
  11. Curl up inside or bathe in the sun?
    Inside. When I'm outside I prefer walking not reading (but I am great at walking while reading without falling over).