Who remains anonymous!
  1. I got your package today!!!
    It was SO EXCITING!
  2. I thought of waiting to open it... But I couldn't manage!
  3. You have gorgeous handwriting!
  4. Also the card was really pretty!
  5. This gift was 💯
    My husband and I share a love of food and cooking and are excited to try some of these recipes together! The regular special dinner date together is a great idea too 😊
  6. I don't think I've listed about it but I do read a lot of food blogs.
    But hadn't heard of Not Without Salt yet... Adding to my RSS feed!
  7. Also I am a cookbook addict.
    My collection just got started again a couple years ago and I am slowly growing it (my early collection was ruined by moths 😭). I especially like really pretty cookbooks like this one!
  8. So excited to make these
    And list about it! 😉
  9. So THANK YOU, dear kind stranger!
    Your package really made my day! It was a very thoughtful and perfect gift.
  10. And shoutout to @ChrisK for this whole idea and getting it started!