I am 27 years old and I have never watched Grey's Anatomy. Here were my thoughts.
  1. Ok I should watch more Grey's Anatomy.
  2. Because I need more @shondarhimes in my life.
  3. Ok there is Patrick Dempsey's butt. I like him.
    He seems like a cool guy in real life and also I loved the movie Lucky Seven which I just now found out was a TV movie on ABC family and I have no idea how I found it. Also Enchanted.
  4. I think there are multiple characters named McSomething.
    McDreamy? McSteamy?
  5. Meredith Grey has like bedroom eyes.
    Like when she is looking at you it feels like you will have sex with her at any moment.
  6. I recognize a lot of these actors.
  7. What was that guy in?
    OMG the 100! (Isaiah Washington)
  8. I am kinda digging this.
  9. Ok I could definitely binge this and I think that I will.
  10. What do you think, List Appers? Is Grey's Anatomy a gap in my TV knowledge that needs to be filled?