1. My dad texted me and I was missing some texts/context.
    Apparently we are having a big Christmas thing Saturday with all my grandparents ?!?! First I've heard of it.
  2. My mom called and was like "so what did you call me for?"
    Uhhh... I didn't? Turns out she sees my dad's missed calls or something weird. I called my dad to clear up what the heck he was talking about in his texts.
  3. My umbrella broke.
  4. I "found" a dry cleaning slip from mid-November.
    They still had the tablecloth, you guys. It was a work tablecloth so THANK GOD. Also I admit it was literally on my bulletin board and there was no reason I should have forgotten about it.
  5. My friend didn't show up to our dinner/drinks so I ate pizza at the bar alone.
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    Mm, pizza.