I've been to Italy twice: once in 2004 (on a high school trip) and once in 2013 (took train from Vienna on our round the world trip and met up with my husband's parents in Venice). I'm going to list the places I've been alphabetically. All pictures are mine.
  1. Bologna
    Stopped by for lunch in 2004. Opted not to join my in laws in going in 2013. I liked the food and the arches over the sidewalks (think it rained while we were there, also I remember a protest going on).
  2. Cinque Terre
    Day trip from Genoa in 2013. Took the train to Monterosso. Walked to Vernazza, got a gelato, walked to Corniglia, got dinner, took the train back. Could not walk further as the path was closed.
  3. Cumae
    Went for a bit in 2004 to the Sibyl's Cave. It was so cool because we had just translated the relevant part of the Aeneid in Latin class! It was also the very first stop on the trip.
  4. Florence
    Went in both 2004 and 2013. First time, saw the Uffizi, the Accademia, the Duomo (neglected to climb it), and more. In 2013, focused more on eating, but also I felt a bit under the weather one day. I did wander in to the cathedral.
  5. Genoa
    Visited in 2013. Ate a lot of pesto and walked around the old town. Stayed there for about a week.
  6. Herculaneum
    Visited in 2013! Very exciting because I still remembered stuff from my Pompeii & Herculaneum class in college.
  7. Monte Cassino
    I remember the bus going up the mountain in 2004. It was harrowing. But a gorgeous place.
  8. Naples
    Visited in both 2004 & 2013. I went to the archaeological museum both times; it was just so good! High focus on pizza on the second trip. 🍕
  9. Ostia Antica
    Day trip from Rome in 2013. Really nice ruins, not many people there either.
  10. Padua
    Visited in both 2004 & 2013. Cute little town. When I went in 2013 I recognized nothing and sort of wonder if my memory was of some other place, though I have photographic evidence that I in fact went to Padua back then too.
  11. Pisa
    Went in 2004. Saw and climbed the Leaning Tower. Really fun to climb!
  12. Pompeii
    Went both times I was in Italy. I love Pompeii. The second time I accessed my class notes and developed a tour, which I gave to my in laws and Jeff. Also I saw Candice Accola from the Vampire Diaries standing in line to see the brothel behind us. Spent more time and saw more of the site the second time.
  13. Rome
    Visited in both 2004 & 2013. So much gelato on the more recent trip! Went to the Colosseum both times, the Trevi Fountain, the Pantheon, the Vatican museums. In 2004 I went to the Villa Borghese which I absolutely adored, and the Domus Aurea which was so awesome but is sadly now closed. In 2013 I ate lots of gelato, went to the Palatine Hill in the rain, and peeked through the Aventine keyhole.
  14. San Gimignano
    Saw it in 2004. Totally charming.
  15. Venice
    Visited in both 2004 & 2013. Took a gondola ride both times. Saw St. Mark's both times. Went to the Doge's Palace in 2004. Failed to get lost in 2013. Danced in a grimy nightclub in 2004. Visited Murano and Burano in 2013. Bought a glass horse in 2004. It was broken sometime while I was out of the country in 2011-2013.