(I know it's Wednesday 😂) The concept of travel Tuesday is based on lists by @Diplomatic_diva - thanks for the idea! I'm starting with Turkey because I've been thinking about it while it's been going through turmoil. It's a lovely place and I hope things get better there.
  1. Istanbul
    A lovely, vibrant city with a lot of great food and sights. I liked visiting the Hagia Sophia, the Blue Mosque, and the Basilica Cistern. The bazaars are incredible. Crossing the Bosporus to eat at Çiya was great. A friend of mine lives there and we got to stay with her at one point. We also couchsurfed in one of three most conservative parts of the city. So many people were so friendly to us! I'd love to go back.
  2. Ankara
    We only spent one night there. But the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations was so awesome!
  3. Göreme/Cappadocia
    What an amazing and unique place! The landscape is incredible. Being able to go up in a hot air balloon was unforgettable. The food was hit or miss but there's a lot of great opportunities to walk and hike around.
  4. Antalya
    A lovely seaside city with lots of German tourists. A trip to the hospital due to my very first panic attack extended our stay here, and we missed visiting Pamukkale. I also was convinced our room was haunted. But we befriended a lot of stray cats.
  5. Selçuk/Ephesus
    Nice little town. We stayed at a hostel halfway between town and the ruins. They said we couldn't get lost on the way to Ephesus but we did lol
  6. Çanakkale/Troy
    Çanakkale is a cute little seaside town. We stayed there to access the site of the ruins of Troy. It isn't as spectacular as a place like Ephesus but it made my classics major heart fill with joy!