Ok we won by A LOT this week. A lot of these are ones I personally didn't know but that we got right because my friend Cassondra finally brought her Jeopardy-champion boyfriend.
  1. The Chinese word "chih", which means to eat, is the term for what celestial event?
    An eclipse. They said lunar eclipse but that appears to be more accurately yueshi (moon + eat).
  2. Yulia Tymoshenko was the first female prime minister of what country?
  3. What playing card is known as the curse of Scotland?
    9 of Diamonds. Apparently the origin is disputed but it goes back to at least 1708, when a book called The British Apollo claimed that every ninth Scottish King was a tyrant, and that diamonds are in Scotland's Crown Jewels.
  4. How many of the 10 Canadian provinces do not share a land border with the US?
    3 - PEI, Newfoundland & Labrador, and Nova Scotia.
  5. What physical activity started as physical therapy for knee injuries?
    Hacky sack. It might be worth noting that Hacky sack is not dissimilar to some Asian games like sepak takraw (aka kick volleyball).
  6. A hierodule in ancient Egypt had what job?
    Sacred prostitute.
  7. What is peccatophobia the fear of?
  8. Who tweeted the most ever retweeted tweet?
    Ok first, WAY too many instance of "tweet" variants in that question. It was Ellen Degeneres with her Oscar selfie. Has 3.3 million retweets currently.
  9. What are Saratoga chips now known as?
    Potato chips. This was my instinct but I didn't speak up. Because I had half remembered that potato chips were allegedly invented in Saratoga Springs.
  10. What country did Operation Restore Hope invade?
    Somalia. I think I need to learn these...
  11. What bestselling author came out with an album in 1993 including a song called "976 LOVE"?
  12. A Dick test was used to diagnose what disease?
    Scarlet fever. No longer used. It's NOT an acronym (the test was named after two people with the last name Dick). This question had the bar going 😂
  13. In the early 1900s Russian rulers banned what game due to its supposed detrimental effect on eyesight?
    Table tennis. This question came immediately after the Dick test one and my team was cracking up hardcore. Also this one is hard to source, I'm thinking it's probably not accurate.
  14. When will Halley's Comet next appear?
  15. What was the first movie released by Walt Disney (in 1986) to be R-rated?
    Down and Out in Beverly Hills.