With thanks to my secret Santa @sarahte !
  1. Static
  2. Butter cheese palmiers 🇳🇱
    So good! These are not going to last long.
  3. Kalamata and oat breadsticks 🇬🇷
    Fragrant! Pretty good. Like the hint of kalamata. Good dip vehicle.
  4. Coffee cookies 🇮🇹
    They smell great! Small and cute. Very nice flavor. Like!
  5. Ginger snaps 🇸🇪
    They break very easily. Great ginger smell. Thin and delicious. I will devour these. I also saw them in a store at Tyson's Corner mall!
  6. Honey and salt toffee 🇿🇦
    Mild scent. Very buttery flavor. Nice!
  7. My verdict: I liked the palmiers and the ginger snaps best but they are all tasty.
  8. My husband's verdict: lots of really delicious stuff with good variety. His favorite was the ginger snaps, he likes the texture.
  9. This was so fun and feels like taking a fun journey. LOVE! 💜💜💜