TV I've Seen in 2017

I probably should have done a combined TV/movies list because I barely watch any movies these days. Ah well!
  1. The Good Place season 1
    Liked it a lot!
  2. The OA season 1
    Into it.
  3. No Tomorrow season 1 (and only 😢)
    Very cute. Not that mad honestly that it got cancelled because I doubt it could have kept up the quality. Also Joshua Sasse is a fine looking man.
  4. Big Little Lies season 1
    So good!!!!
  5. The Good Wife season 1
    I know I'm way late to this party but I have been enjoying it. (In progress)
  6. iZombie season 3
    Still excellent.
  7. The Great British Bake Off series 4
    Netflix in the US numbers these crazily. I think this was "season 2" on Netflix. Anyway it's the one from 2013. 💜💜💜
  8. Hart of Dixie season 1
    Kind of really into this (in progress)
  9. Master of None season 2
    Still got it.
  10. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt season 3
    The magic is over 😭 IMHO
  11. Date My Dad season 1
    It is kinda cute. My sister in law wrote the of the episodes!!!
  12. Riverdale season 1
    I was into this pretty intensely.
  13. Jane the Virgin season 3
    Still loving it.
  14. Catastrophe season 1
    I was surprised at how much I liked this!
  15. GLOW Season 1
    Into it!
  16. Catastrophe Season 2
    Not as good as the first but a couple episodes do hit the same excellence.