Thanks, bees! 🐝🐝🐝
  1. Black locust
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    You don't buy your honey in 2 pound bottles? Also, this stuff is freaking amazing! 🐝
  2. Bourbon infused
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    Neither Jeff nor I drink alcohol. But we eat it! This is delicious and will help me recreate "Secret Breakfast" flavored ice cream from Humphrey Slocombe in San Francisco.
  3. Fir
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    This was a wedding present! Fir honey is rare and interesting - instead of from flowers, the bees drink honeydew left by aphids that feed on the sap of the tree. It is really smooth with a unique flavor. Recommended!
  4. Cherry
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    The last time I was in Ann Arbor (May) was for my brother in law's phd defense. It may be the last time I'm there for a while so I decided to finally get something from Cherry Republic instead of just samples. And this is tasty!
  5. Blueberry
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    Our honey seller (we are loyal to this one farm and get most of our honey by mail order) threw this in when we bought 4 pounds of black locust!
  6. Truffle
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    This was an engagement present! Actually from the same friends who bought us the fir honey for the wedding. Very fitting. This is intense and a little odd. I'm not totally sure how to best use it!
  7. An additional 2 pounds of black locust
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    Ok so I have an explanation, I mean beyond the fact that honey doesn't go bad. Black locust is our fav kind of honey. Black locust trees have a short flowering period and do not always produce honey well. Harvests are variable. The honey is popular and our supplier runs out usually and it can be a long time before the next batch is available. So we are stockpiling!