Inspired by @MCWillZ
  1. Youth group (x2)
    For a youth group where dating was strongly discouraged, we sure all dated each other. 😜 first dude lived really far from me and my mom would drive us back and forth. Second dude was my friend's former crush (who she made it clear she didn't want to date) and I asked if she was okay for me to date him and she lied and said yes then I found out a month or so later but wouldn't break up with him on principle and he was so not worth losing my friend over in retrospect.
  2. Video store/MySpace
    He was the local video store clerk and everybody knew him, so yeah I sort of met him at the video store. But we didn't connect at all until we found each other on MySpace. He asked me to marry him after two months of dating. I broke off our engagement after I went to college almost a year into our relationship.
  3. College dining hall
    We met and became good friends and started dating 3 months later. We dated for 9 years and got married and that was 3 months ago.