We're Having a Cookie Party

This is why God (or @bjnovak or whatever) invented live lists.
  1. We went to the grocery store and went a little nuts. But we didn't buy actual nuts because one of the guests is highly allergic.
    I found cinnamon chips, y'all. My life is complete.
  2. Here's a few of the ingredients
    Including rum cuz Jeff's making rum balls
  3. I made waffles
    I already ate mine.
  4. Nobody is here yet but I already made a mess
    Cleaned most of it up but flour all over my mixer still
  5. New puzzle to complete
  6. Christmas spirit
  7. Snack table is full
  8. People are here and have all eaten waffles and we have GBBO on the TV
  9. First cookies - Christmas wreaths!!!
    A family recipe
  10. Puzzle coming along
  11. Steph's thumbprint cookies are ready to bake
  12. Snickerdoodles coming out!
  13. We've gone virtual
  14. Rum ball assembly
  15. Thumbprint cookies complete
  16. Added some of the ornaments and the R2-D2 lights
  17. Peanut butter cookies
    One person brought peanut butter stuff cuz he didn't know about the allergic person so we were careful about cross contamination.
  18. Molasses cookies doing their thing
  19. Completed molasses cookies
  20. Christmas tree cookies under way
  21. Christmas trees complete
  22. Playing Sequence now
  23. Only one guest is still here. We had a max of 8 guests here at a time. Though a couple more people are stopping by soon.
  24. More people, more chilling
  25. Well everybody's gone home and...
  26. It was great but I am tired and there are SO many dishes.