Thanks @aprilkquioh I needed a kick in the pants about these drafts... #Draftmas (also about this list: Jeff is my husband and here are some of the weird things about him - this list makes me crack up)
  1. Hollow bones?
    He can make a super loud sound if he knocks against certain bones with his knuckles. It's like his bones are hollow.
  2. Self moisturizing hands
    He never uses lotion because his hands are suspiciously (and luxuriously) always not dry. 🤔 unlike mine I need moisturizer 50x a day.
  3. Circular whistling
    He can whistle while breathing in and out so he never has to stop whistling (sometimes this is not so good).
  4. Passion 4 fruit
    Serious fruit fiend over here. 🍒🍊🍏🍐🍋🍉🍇🍓🍑
  5. Complete inability to tell: serious or joking?
    I have gotten pretty good at telling whether he is telling the truth in the 9 years I've known him. But still occasionally...
  6. Doesn't know any popular music
    Thinks every song is TLC's "Waterfalls", doesn't know the words to that song.
  7. Questionable fashion sense.
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    But really, I need him to tell me sometimes if this goes with that and he is totally useless.