But really only what I took a picture of.
  1. Cream cheese spaghetti bake
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    Recipe here: http://damndelicious.net/2015/09/07/baked-cream-cheese-spaghetti/?m So freaking good, eating the last of the leftovers today
  2. A political cupcake from Georgetown Cupcake
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    Someone brought these to a coworker and they shared them. I only ate half cuz the icing was hella sweet.
  3. Pastrami hash at DGS Delicatessen
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    Went to brunch with my in-laws. This was at the Merrifield location. And it was freaking delicious! 👍🏻🍳
  4. Mac and cheese at Cosi
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    Quick dinner with friends. Hadn't tried Cosi's mac n cheese. Basically the same as Noodles & Co. Needs some added flavor.