WHAT I ATE LAST WEEK (11/23-11/29)

  1. Leftover mac and cheese ravioli. This is a thing you can buy at Trader Joe's.
  2. Pulled pork at Highline.
    They actually had specials! What a day.
  3. Pepperoni pizza lunch special at Fireworks
  4. Bacon cheddar grits at Fireworks
    I think this is a new item? Anyway it's good.
  5. Pie at the in-laws on Thanksgiving (and thanksgiving dinner too of course).
  6. Tasty cheese and salami sandwich with curry mayo at the in-laws
  7. Crispy octopus roll at Hunan Taste
    Look at all that garlic!
  8. Mushroom pot at Hunan Taste
  9. Assorted dishes at Hunan Taste
    Green beans (spicy), bok choy with mushrooms, etc
  10. El Gringo taco at Taco Bamba
    So good! 🌮 had bacon, ranch, ground beef, and cheddar cheese between two tortillas.
  11. La Poutina taco at Taco Bamba
    Poutine in taco form 😍
  12. "Frozen veggies" with carrot purer at mom-in-law's bday dinner
  13. "Lemon pepper chicken" at bday dinner
  14. "Tuna oriental" at bday dinner