1. Leftover mac and cheese ravioli. This is a thing you can buy at Trader Joe's.
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  2. Pulled pork at Highline.
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    They actually had specials! What a day.
  3. Pepperoni pizza lunch special at Fireworks
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  4. Bacon cheddar grits at Fireworks
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    I think this is a new item? Anyway it's good.
  5. Pie at the in-laws on Thanksgiving (and thanksgiving dinner too of course).
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  6. Tasty cheese and salami sandwich with curry mayo at the in-laws
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  7. Crispy octopus roll at Hunan Taste
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    Look at all that garlic!
  8. Mushroom pot at Hunan Taste
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  9. Assorted dishes at Hunan Taste
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    Green beans (spicy), bok choy with mushrooms, etc
  10. El Gringo taco at Taco Bamba
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    So good! 🌮 had bacon, ranch, ground beef, and cheddar cheese between two tortillas.
  11. La Poutina taco at Taco Bamba
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    Poutine in taco form 😍
  12. "Frozen veggies" with carrot purer at mom-in-law's bday dinner
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  13. "Lemon pepper chicken" at bday dinner
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  14. "Tuna oriental" at bday dinner
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