Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. There are already so many great lists about white privilege around.
    Read them!
  2. Here are my two cents.
  3. I remember a conversation with a friend about his distrust of the police, and how he would never willingly talk to them.
  4. He is a white male.
  5. So my response was something along the lines of "but you don't have to be afraid of the police: you're a white man."
    His issues had to do with police using his words against him. But I reminded him that he did not have to be afraid that a police officer would kill him first instead of even getting to the point of using words.
  6. It seemed to strike a chord with him. He has always been very self-aware about his gender privilege.
  7. But admitted he had not really considered his racial privilege.
  8. I think that gets at the heart of it: white privilege is not having to consider your race most of the time.
  9. Not assuming that the way people interact with you has anything to do with race.
  10. Living in South Korea, I experienced some prejudice and xenophobia.
  11. But, guess what, whiteness is valued there too.
  12. Despite being in a situation where I was not the predominant race, I STILL experienced white privilege.
  13. Frequently I encountered fascination rather than hatred.
  14. But it was not so for the black teachers I met - for them, there was hatred and fear.
  15. White privilege is something I was born with, and it's certainly not fair or right, but it's something I have to own up to.
  16. I know a lot of people who want to deny white privilege, because it makes them uncomfortable or because they think it means people are saying white people don't have problems too.
    Of course they do, and the intersection of privileges can make this complicated. And on the subject of discomfort:
  17. White privilege means we white people don't have to experience discrimination due to our race.
    Of course we might face other discriminations but that is totally beside the point right now.
  18. Here's one of many good articles about it:
  19. Be aware, educate yourself, speak up!