I'm sure there are more reasons that I forgot.
  1. I like my last name!
    I don't dislike my husband's but it is harder to spell.
  2. I was used to the idea of keeping it.
    In my senior year of high school (ugh I know), I was engaged to a dude with the same last name as me (no relation). And I kept thinking, "I'm so glad I don't have to change my name!"
  3. Fuck the patriarchy! 👊🏻
    Yeah! Feminism!
  4. All that paperwork.
    Too lazy.
  5. Interrogated my reasons for wanting to change it and they were shit.
    1. I kind of wanted to when I was a kid (so what, things change). 2. I don't mind his last name (ok but I don't mind mine either). 3. What will people think (ugh, no). 4. What about if we have kids (this one is annoying. People say: won't it be confusing to your kids that their mom has a different last name? And no, kids are smart and can figure that shit out, plus who says I'm having them?).
  6. Considered hyphenation but then it would be 18 letters long.
    Patterson-Bergemann. A bit much.
  7. I've had this name for 27 years and I'm used to it.
    It's not like getting married changes who you are fundamentally (at least that is my opinion).
  8. My husband didn't want me to.
    He said he didn't want to change his so why should I have to? ❤️❤️❤️
  9. Refused to ditch my middle name or add another one.
    My middle name is Jean, my Grammy's name.
  10. None of my friends did.
    So it felt more acceptable.
  11. What I say to people who ask: typically I just pick one of they at random.
    My friends never asked, it's really only been coworkers who ask why. Family were a bit confused but accepting. I don't care if mail is addressed to Rachel and Jeff Bergemann or whatever ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ but "Mrs. Jeff Bergemann" is pretty damn annoying.