Mental health is still a taboo subject in America. I find it so unfortunate that many health care plans don't cover therapy and that therefore a lot of people don't have access to it. I am very privileged to have a plan that fully covers weekly therapy. Here's what I love about it.
  1. It's a one-sided conversation.
    It might seem awkward but it is actually wonderful to me to be able to fully unburden myself by talking about me and my life without having to listen. You can't do this with friends (or you can, but it's not very fair to ask that of a friend!).
  2. My therapist is very supportive.
    It's not that my friends and family aren't, but that my therapist is trained to be excellent at being supportive and affirming my emotions.
  3. I'm learning a lot about myself.
    Reflection is great for self-discovery! My therapist encourages me to dig deeper. Not in a what-happened-in-your-childhood to cause this way, but in a let's-figure-out-why-this-really-bothers-you way.
  4. I'm learning a lot about managing anxiety.
    This is the primary reason I sought therapy. I have lots of tools in my belt now to manage the anxiety and panic when it comes. I haven't had a panic attack in months. I feel way more in control of my anxiety than I was (still some ways to go).
  5. I like my therapist.
    I know I don't really know her other than in a professional capacity. But nonetheless I like her. I felt like we "clicked" right away. Finding the right therapist for you is important - if you feel uncomfortable or that your personalities don't work well together after about 3 sessions look for a new therapist (this is advice I received - this is my first time in therapy).