I was a winner in 2013... Attempted last year... Not trying this year (but trying NaLiWriMo!).
  1. Just got back from my honeymoon
    And, you know, wedding planning + travel really took it out of me. Plus I didn't have time to plan. An excellent excuse.
  2. Haven't been writing regularly.
    I know NaNoWriMo would be a good way to kickstart this back into action but I feel it's too lofty a goal right now.
  3. I'd rather set a more reasonable goal.
    Right now finishing a goal would be better than reaching for something I probably can't finish. So maybe just: write something every day.
  4. Lingering emotional scars from last year's NaNoWriMo
    Sadly not an exaggeration. I was on track last year until someone from my work was attacked and tortured in their home by someone I knew (a former coworker). It has really put a dent in my writing, probably because I associate that emotional upheaval with failing last year. I'm working through it and hope to get back on writing track soon!