9/10 doctors recommend at least one cute every day.
  1. Hot dog race
  2. Tiny hamster v Kobayashi
  3. Friends helping friends
  4. Making trouble
  5. Relax
  6. Duckling
  7. Here's a sea otter
  8. Sometimes you're falling asleep on your feet
  9. Sometimes you're covered in puppies
  10. Sometimes you fall over in unison
  11. Some days you just wanna hang out
  12. Some days you need a bulldog puppy
  13. Just watch these corgis on a treadmill
  14. Just relax and let the ball come to you
  15. Or get your frolic on
  16. Or take a nap
  17. Cuddle up in bed
  18. Or play some of your favorite sport
  19. Whatever you do, don't be surprised if you feel your stress levels receding.
  20. Remember that somebody loves you
  21. I hope you've enjoyed your daily cute. Now go on with your day with a smile.